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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018


Returns a list of container versions.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters


Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer code
Message String Response message
BuildpackList List Information of the container version list


Parameter Type Description
ConfigId String Container version ID
PackVersion String Application version
TomcatVersion String Tomcat version
TomcatDownloadUrl String Download address of the Tomcat installer
TomcatDesc String Tomcat description
PandoraVersion String Pandora version
PandoraDownloadUrl String Download address of the Pandora installer
PandoraDesc String Pandora description
PluginInfo String Plugin description
TomcatPath String Tomcat directory name
ImageId String ID of the basic image corresponding to the container
TengineImageId String ID of the Tengine image corresponding to the container
TengineDownloadUrl String Download address of the Tengine installer
MultipleTenant Boolean If multi-tenant support is enabled or not
WithTengine Boolean If traffic management is supported or not
ScriptName String Shell script name
ScriptVersion String Shell script version
feature string Beta test feature
SupportFeatures String Supported features
Disabled Boolean If a feature is disabled or not. A disabled feature cannot be set or used.
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