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Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018


Deploys an application.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Description
appId String Yes Application ID, which can be obtained by the ListApplicationRequest API
packageVersion String Yes The application version must be unique and contains no more than 64 characters. We recommend that you add a time-stamp to the version.
desc String No Deployment description
deployType String Yes Deployment type, which can be set to “url” or “image”
warUrl String No Storage location of the uploaded WAR package (OSS is recommended for storage). This parameter is required when deployType is set to “url”.
imageUrl String No Image location. This parameter is required when deployType is set to “image”.
groupId String Yes Deployment group ID (which can be obtained by the ListDeployGroupRequest API). Set this parameter to “all” if all groups are selected.
batch Integer No The default value is 1. Up to five batches are supported.
batchWaitTime Integer No Waiting time. The default value is 0, which indicates no waiting. The maximum value is 5 minutes.
appEnv String No Environment variables for the application. The format is like
key is fixed to be name and value.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Response code
Message String Response message
ChangeOrderId String Call the GetChangeOrderInfoRequest API to display the deployment progress.
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