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Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018


Returns an instance list according to the specified cluster ID.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Description
clusterId String Yes Cluster ID
currentPage Integer No Current page number in a paging query
pageSize Integer No Number of records per page in a paging query

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Code
Message String Message
ClusterMemberPage ClusterMemberPage Object with paging information


Parameter Type Description
CurrentPage Integer Current page number
PageSize Integer Number of instances per page
TotalSize Integer Total number of pages
ClusterMemberList List<ClusterMember> A list of instance objects


Parameter Type Description
ClusterMemberId String Cluster instance ID
ClusterId String Cluster ID
EcuId String Unique ID of the ECU instance, which can be obtained by running dmidecode on the ECS instance
EcsId String ECS ID
Status Integer Instance status.Optional values: 1 (running); 0 (conversion in progress); –1 (conversion failed); –2 (offline).
CreateTime Integer Creation time
UpdateTime Integer Last change time