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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018


Returns a cluster list.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters


Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Response code
Message String Response message
Data List A list of cluster entities


Parameter Type Description
ClusterId String Cluster ID
RegionId String ID of the logical region
Description String Cluster description
ClusterName String Cluster name
ClusterType Integer Cluster type. Possible values: 1 (Swarm cluster); 2 (ECS cluster); 3 (Kubernetes cluster).
OversoldFactor Integer CPU overselling of the Docker cluster. Possible values: 2 (1:2); 4 (1:4); 8 (1:8).
NetworkMode Integer Network type. Possible values: 1 (classic network); 2 (VPC).
VpcId String VPC ID
NodeNum Integer Number of ECS instances
Cpu Integer Total number of CPU cores
Mem Integer Total memory (MB)
CpuUsed Integer Number of used CPU cores
CpuUsed Integer Used memory (MB)
CreateTime Integer Creation time
UpdateTime Integer Last change time
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