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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018


Queries a list of ECS instances that can be migrated.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Description
logicalRegionId String No ID of a logical region (regionId is replaced with this parameter after it is set.)

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Response code
Message String Response message
EcuEntityList List For more information, see EcuEntity.


Parameter Type Description
EcuId String Unique ID of an ECU instance, which can be obtained by running dmidecode on ECS
Online Boolean If the ECU instance is online or not
DockerEnv Boolean If Docker is installed for the ECU instance or not
CreateTime long Creation time
UpdateTime long Update time
HeartbeatTime long Heartbeat time
UserId String Associated user ID
IpAddr String Intranet IP address of the ECU instance
Name String Name
ZoneId String ID of the zone where the ECU instance is located
RegionId String ID of the region where the ECU instance is located
InstanceId String Instance ID
VpcId String VPC ID
AvailableCpu Integer Available CPU
AvailableMem Integer Available memory
Cpu Integer Total number of CPUs
Mem Integer Total memory
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