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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2018


This API supports both replica set instances and sharded cluster instances.

Input parameters

NameTypeRequired or notDescription
ActionStringYesRequired parameter, value: DescribeDBInstances.
RegionIdStringYesInstance region ID, which can be viewed using the DescribeRegions function.
EngineStringNoDatabase type, value: ApsaraDB for MongoDB.
DBInstanceTypeStringNo- Type of the instance to be queried. If it is set to sharding, The sharded cluster instances are listed.
- If it is set to replicate, replica set instances are listed. Default value: replicate
PageSizeIntegerNoNumber of records per page; optional values: 30, 50, and 100. Default value: 30
PageNumberIntegerNoPage number. It must be greater than 0 and no greater than the Integer’s maximum value. Default value: 1

Response parameters

Public response parameters-For more information, see public response parameters.
DBInstancesList<DBInstance>Array composed of DBInstances

DBInstance data structure

DBInstanceIdStringInstance ID
ReplicationFactorStringNumber of nodes:
- 1: Single node
- 3: Three nodes
DBInstanceDescriptionStringInstance description
RegionIdStringID of the region to which the instance belongs
ZoneIdStringID of the zone to which the instance belongs
EngineStringDatabase type
EngineVersionStringDatabase version
DBInstanceClassStringInstance type
DBInstanceStatusStringInstance status. For more information, see the instance status table.
ChargeTypeStringBilling method:
- PrePaid: Yearly/monthly subscription
- Postpaid: Pay-As-You-Go
NetworkTypeStringNetwork type:
- Classic: Classic network
CreationTimeStringCreation time, in the format of YYYY-MM-DD‘T‘hh:mm:ssZ, for example, 2011-05-30T12:11:4Z.
ExpireTimeStringExpiration time
DBInstanceTypeStringInstance type; optional values: sharding and replicate.
MongosListList<Mongos>Array composed of Mongos
ShardListList<Shard>Array composed of shards
LastDowngradeTimeIntegerTime of the last downgrade


NodeIdStringMongos instance ID
NodeDescriptionStringMongos instance description.
NodeClassStringMongos specification


NodeIdStringShard instance ID
NodeDescriptionStringShard instance description
NodeClassStringShard instance specification
NodeStorageIntegerShard disk