After a dataset is prepared, you can create a workbook by using the dataset. For details about how to create a dataset, see Create a dataset.

If you want to perform more complex operations on fields, go to the dataset editing page, where you can perform advanced operations, such as Dimension to MeasurementMeasurement to Dimension, Create Calculation Measurement, and Create Level.

After the dataset structure changes, you must load the worksheet again so that you can view the new dataset structure.

  1. Log on to Quick BI console.
  2. Switch to a workspace.
  3. Select Workspace > Workbooks, to go to the workbook management page.
  4. Select Create > Workbook. The workbook editing page is displayed.
  5. Click the data preview icon to open the data preview area.

  6. Click the drop-down arrow and select a dataset.
  7. Double-click or drag the expected fields to the analysis panel on the right and click Update.
  8. The selected fields are displayed in the workbook.

  9. Select Transpose > Update to convert the workbook into the two dimensional table format.
  10. Click Save to save current workbook.
  11. Enter a name and select a location for the workbook.
  12. Click OK to complete the workbook creation.