The worksheets/workbooks, dashboards, and data portals can only be shared in a workspace. Shared files can be accessed by other users in read-only mode, and they cannot be modified, deleted, or saved as another files.

Background information

Only the creator of a file and the workspace manager can share data objects. Currently, the data objects cannot be shared with Alibaba Cloud accounts out of the organizational unit.

If the share function is set as disabled, all files in the workspace cannot be shared.


  1. Log on to the Quick BI console.
  2. Select a workspace.
  3. Click Dashboards. The dashboard management page is displayed.
  4. Select a dashboard and click Share, as shown in the following figure.

  5. Enter a member nick name or account ID and set a sharing deadline, as shown in the following figure.

  6. Click Save to complete data objects sharing.