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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018


This API checks the renewal price of a Subscription instance.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes Set this parameter to DescribeRenewalPrice.
CommodityCode String No Commodity code. Set this parameter to rds.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance name.
RegionId String No Region ID, for example, cn-hangzhou.
DBInstanceClass String No Instance type. The default value is the current instance type.
UsedTime String Yes Length of service time. If TimeType is Year, values are 1 to 3. If TimeType is Month, values are 1 to 9.
TimeType String Yes Values: Year and Month.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequrestId String For more information, see Common parameters.
PriceInfo PriceInfo Price information.
Rules List<Rule> List of activities.

Rule parameters

Parameter Type Description
RuleId Long Activity ID.
Name String Activity name.
Description String Activity description.

PriceInfo parameters

Parameter Type Description
Currency String Currency unit.
OriginalPrice Double Original price.
DiscountPrice Double Discount.
TradePrice Double Final price, which is equal to the original price minus the discount.