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Last Updated: Jun 24, 2020

With the development of your business, resources of the Simple Application Server instance that you have purchased may not be able to meet your needs. You can upgrade the instance configuration by using the Upgrade Configuration function.


  1. Click Upgrade(SAS Console->Overview->Server Information->Upgrade).
  2. Select specific configuration upgrades.
  3. Confirm the order, and make the payment.
  4. The upgrade will be completed after the restart.

Resize Disk

Please select the resize method according to the operating system:

Linux System Disk Resize

Windows System Disk Resize


Subject to the event that the life cycle (expiration date) of the current instance is not changed, you only need to make up the price gap between the current configuration and the configuration you want to upgrade to.

Formula: Price for upgrade = (Daily price of the new subscription - Daily price of the current subscription)* The remaining service days of the life cycle

Lifecycle of the upgraded configuration

After the configuration upgrade, the lifecycle (the expiration date) is not changed. Only the configuration is changed.

Specific configuration changes after configuration upgrades

Instance upgrade of the Simple Application Server is completed on the current machine, so. the current instance’s configuration has changed.

IP address: not changed after configuration upgrades.

CPU, memory, and bandwidth: upgraded to the new configuration.

Disk: Expand the capacity based on the current disk.

Trasfer: The transfer already used remains unchanged, and the monthly transfer quota will become the upper limit of transfer corresponding to the new configuration.