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Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Sub-accounts (RAM users) can log on to the MQ console to view the Topics to which you have been granted permission, create Producers and Consumers, and publish and subscribe to messages through SDK.

Note: After a RAM sub-account is authorized with a Topic, do not use the corresponding Producer ID and Consumer ID of the Topic directly, Otherwise there will be connecting errors. You must use RAM sub accounts to log on to the MQ console, and then create Producer ID and Consumer ID for the authorized Topics.


  1. Log on to the RAM console.

  2. Locate and click Message Queue in the left-side product list of the RAM console to enter the MQ console. Alternatively, in the RAM sub-account log status, directly click to enter the MQ console.

  3. Click Topics in the left-side navigation pane to locate the authorized Topic, click Create Producer in the Actions column to create a Producer ID or click Create Consumer to create a Consumer ID.

    Note: Producer ID and Consumer ID created by RAM sub-accounts are separated from each other, and cannot be mixed with those created by other RAM sub-accounts or the primary account.

  4. Use the created Producer ID and CID to receive and send messages through SDK.

Note: Before receiving and sending messages through SDK, you must be authenticated with AccessKey and SecretKey of the RAM sub-account. For more information about AccessKey, see the “Create an AccessKey” section in Create a RAM User.

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