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Clean up timelines

Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Each TSDB instance can store a maximum of one million time series. You can delete the time series that are no longer needed. Data under the deleted time series becomes invalid and cannot be used again.

This document describes how to clean up timelines on the console. For instructions on how to clean up time series (timelines) through HTTP APIs, see Clean up timelines in the Developer Guide.


  1. On the Instances page in the TSDB console, click Manage in the Actions column of the instance.

  2. In the menu at the left of the Instance Details page, click Timeline Cleanup.

  3. On the Timeline Cleanup Page, specify the cleanup conditions.

    1. In the Metric field, select a metric from the drop-down list.This field is mandatory.

    2. In the Tag field, click Add, and select a TagKey and the corresponding TagValue. This field is optional.

  4. After completing the condition settings, click Clean Up.

Result verification

After the cleanup is done, you can view the result in the Cleanup Records list on the page.