Make sure that a data source is created or uploaded before you create a dataset.

Background information

For more information, see Create a cloud data source and Create a user-created data source.


  1. Log on to the Quick BI console.
  2. Click Data Sources to go to the Data Sources page.
  3. Select a data source.
  4. You can create a dataset from a data source directly or use an ad-hoc query result as a dataset.
    • Use a data source
      Select a table and click the Create Dataset icon in the Actions column.
    • Use an ad-hoc query result
      1. Click Ad Hoc Query. On the Ad Hoc Query page, enter SQL statements.

        Note Click Format to format SQL statements.
      2. Click Run to view the result and history.
      3. ClickCreate Dataset to save the result as a dataset.
        Note On the History tab page, you can click Create Dataset in the Actions column to create a dataset based on the corresponding SQL statements.

    After the dataset is created, the current page is redirected to the Datasets page. A new dataset is displayed with a NEW icon.