This API is used to query the list of available monitoring parameters. The results are returned in the format of <parameter:unit>.

Request parameters

Table 1. Request parameters
Name Type Required or not Description
<Common request parameters> - Yes For more information, see Public parameters.
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: DescribeMonitorItems.

Response parameters

Table 2. Response parameters
Name Type Description
<Common return parameters> - For more information, see Public return parameters.
MonitorItems List List of each monitoring parameter that can be viewed.

Request example
<Common request parameters>

Response example

    "MonitorItems" : {
        "MonitorItem" : [{
                "MonitorKey" : "GetQ",
                "Unit" : "Counts/s"
                "MonitorKey" : "Flush",
                "Unit" : "Counts/s"
                "MonitorKey" : "UsedMemCache",
                "Unit" : "Bytes"
                "MonitorKey" : "ReplaceQ",
                "Unit" : "Counts/s"
    "RequestId" : "B906A893-58A3-4644-AC2D-A2C9B08706C1"