This API is used to query the details of a backup file, including the backup start time, file size, backup mode, download address, and other information.

Request parameters

Table 1. Request Parameters
Name Type Required Description
<Common request parameters> - Yes see Public parameters.
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: DescribeBackups.
InstanceId String Yes Instance ID
BackupId String No Backup set ID
PagSize String Yes Number of records per page. Supported values: 30, 50, and 100.
PageNumber String Yes Page number. It must be greater than 0 and cannot exceed the maximum value of the given Integer.
StrarTime String Yes Query start time
EndTime String Yes Query end time

Response parameters

Table 2. Response parameters
Name Type Description
<Common return parameter> - See Public return parameters.
Backups List An array composed  of Backups
PageNumber Integer Page number
TotalCount Integer Total number of backups
PageSize Integer Number of records per page

Backup parameter structure

Table 3. Backup parameter structure
Name Type Description
BackupId String Backup set ID
BackupDBNames String Backup database name
BackupStatus String Backup set status:
  • Success
  • Failed
BackupStartTime String Backup start time
BackupEndTime String Backup end time
BackupType String Backup Type:
  • Fullbackup
  • IncrementalBackup
BackupMode String Backup mode:
  • Automated
  • Manual
BackupMethod String Backup method:
  • Logical
  • Physical
BackupDownloadURL String Download address of the backup file
BackupSize String Backup size


?<Common request parameter>
&Action= DescribeBackups
&InstanceId= de5d88e34d004211
& Pagenumber = 1
& Pagesize = 10

Response example

    " Backups " : {
        " Backup " : [{
         Backuptype: fullbackup ",

    "PageNumber" : 1,
    "PageSize" : 10,
    "TotalCount" : 1,
"RequestId" : "5C97648D-C85F-4D58-A71F-7B6750856BF7”