If an instance has been switched from a classic network to a VPC and the classic network connection address is retained, this API can be called to prolong the retention period of the classic network connection address.

Request parameters

Table 1. Request parameters
Name Type Required Description
<Common request parameters> - Yes For more information, see Public parameters.
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: ModifyInstanceNetExpireTime.
InstanceId String Yes Instance ID (globally unique)
ConnectionString String Yes Domain name used to access the classic network
ClassicExpiredDays String Yes Retention period. Supported values: 14, 30, 60, and 120.

Response parameters

Table 2. Response parameters
Name Type Description
<Common response parameters> - For more information, see Public return parameters.

Request example
<Common request parameters>
&Action= ModifyInstanceNetExpireTime
& ClassicExpiredDays=120

Response example

"RequestId" : "AAAF99B1-69ED-4E80-8CD5-272C09E46ACF"