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What is Container Registry

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Container Registry helps you manage images throughout the entire lifecycle by providing secure application image hosting capability, accurate image security scan feature, stable image build service, and convenient image authorization feature. Container Registry simplifies the build and Operation & Maintenance of Registry, supports image hosting in multiple regions, and integrates with cloud products such as Container Service, providing a one-stop solution for using Docker in the cloud.


Image repository management and flexible choices of regions

  • You can create or delete an image repository in different regions based on your business needs.
  • Each image repository provides the corresponding network address under the public network, intranet, and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Image security scan

  • Container Registry supports the convenient image security scan feature, which displays detailed image layer information.
  • Container Registry provides image vulnerability reports, which shows multi-dimensional vulnerability information such as vulnerability number, vulnerability level, and fix versions.

Stable build service

  • Container Registry supports the source code build of GitHub, Bitbucket, and self-built GitLab.
  • Container Registry supports automatic build. The new Docker images are automatically built after the source code is changed.

Seamless integration among cloud products

  • Integrated with GitHub, Bitbucket, and self-built GitLab, Container Registry can automatically build new images after the compile and test from source code to applications.
  • Integrated with Container Service, after new images are built, Container Registry can easily deploy these images to Container Service clusters.