You can call this operation to change the type of an ApsaraDB for Redis instance.


You can call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer without the need to manually calculate the signature. After you call the operation, OpenAPI Explorer can automatically generate SDK example code.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
InstanceId String Yes r-j6cxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The ID of the instance for which you want to change the type.

Action String No ModifyInstanceSpec

The operation that you want to perform. Set this parameter to ModifyInstanceSpec.

RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

The ID of the region.

InstanceClass String No redis.master.small.default

The target instance type. For more information about the values of the InstanceClass parameter for different instance types, see Instance types.

BusinessInfo String No 000000000

The ID of the event or the business information.

CouponNo String No youhuiquan_promotion_option_id_for_blank

The coupon number. Default value: youhuiquan_promotion_option_id_for_blank.

ForceUpgrade Boolean No true

Specifies whether to forcibly change the type. Valid values:

  • false
  • true
Note Default value: true.
AutoPay Boolean No true

Specifies whether to enable auto renewal. Valid values:

  • true
  • false

Default value: false.

Note If you set this parameter to false, manually renewthe instance before the instance expires.
AccessKeyId String No Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxw

The AccessKey ID that Alibaba Cloud provides for you to access services.

EffectiveTime String No Immediately

Specifies when the type is changed. Valid values:

  • Immediately: changes the type immediately.
  • MaintainTime: changes the type in the maintenance window.

Default value: Immediately.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
OrderId String 111111111111111

The ID of the order.

RequestId String 0DA1D7EF-C80D-432C-8758-7D225182626B

The ID of the request.


Sample request
? Action=ModifyInstanceSpec
&<Common request parameters>

Sample success response

XML format


JSON format


Error codes

HTTP status code Error code Error message Description
400 PaymentMethodNotFound No payment method has been registered on the account. The error message returned because no payment method has been registered for your account.
400 HasRenewChangeOrder This instance has a renewChange order. The error message returned because this instance has an order of renewal with configuration change.

For more information, see Error codes.