Instance lifecycle management APIs

API Description
CreateInstance Creates an instance.
DeleteInstance Releases an instance.
ModifyInstanceSpec Modifies an instance.

Instance management APIs

API Description
ModifyInstanceAttribute Modifies attributes of an instance.
FlushInstance Clears data of an instance.
DescribeInstances Queries basic information about an instance.
DescribeInstanceAttribute Queries details of an instance.
DescribeSecurityIps Queries the IP whitelists of an instance.
ModifyInstanceMaintainTime Modifies the maintenance time of an instance.
ModifySecurityIps Modifies the whitelist of an instance.
DescribeRegions Queries the region where an instance can be sold.
SwitchNetwork Modifies the network type.
ModifyInstanceNetExpireTime Modifies the retention period of a classic network connection address.

Backup recovery APIs

API Description
CreateBackup Create a backup.
ModifyBackupPolicy Modifies a backup policy.
DescribeBackupPolicy Queries a backup policy.
DescribeBackups Displays a backup list.
RestoreInstance Rolls an instance back based on a backup set.

Monitoring management APIs

API Description
DescribeMonitorItems Views a metric list.
DescribeHistoryMonitorValues Views the historical monitoring data.

Parameter management APIs

API Description
DescribeInstanceConfig Views the parameter configuration of an instance.
ModifyInstanceConfig Modifies the parameter configuration of an instance.