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Basic use of a namespace

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018

Best practices for a namespace

  • A namespace is a collection of repositories. We recommend that you group the repositories of a company or organization in one namespace.
    • Use company name as the namespace: aliyun, alibaba
    • Use team or organization as the namespace: misaka-team

Main features of a namespace

  • Create a namespace.

    • Click Create Namespace and enter the namespace name.


    • Currently, a primary account can create five namespaces.

  • Authorize a namespace.

    • Grant the permissions for a namespace to sub-accounts. The authorization applies to all the repositories in the namespace.
    • The sub-accounts must first log on to the console to set the Container Registry logon password.

      • READ: The read-only permission, with which you can only pull the images of the repositories in the namespace.
      • WRITE: The write permission, with which you can push the images of the repositories in the namespace.
      • ADMIN: The administrator permission, with which you can manage a namespace.


  • Configure a namespace.

    • By default, the service allows you to directly push images, and the system automatically creates a repository according to the repository name.

      You can disable the automatic creation by selecting Close for Automatically Create Repository.

    • Currently, the repositories automatically created by the service for pushing images are private by default.

      To make the automatically created repositories public by default, you can select Make Public for Default Repository Attributes.