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Last Updated: Jan 26, 2018


This article introduces some basic terminologies and concepts of Docker Container Registry for you to use the Docker image.

Basic concepts

The Docker image storage center is usually called a Registry.

To obtain a private image, log on to the Registry first and then pull the image. You can push the image back to Registry after modifying the image. You can also generate an image locally by the Docker image build function and then push the image to Registry.

What is the URL of a Docker image? The following is a complete example. (Use the public image of Container Service as an example.)

  • is the domain name of the Registry.
  • acs is the name of your namespace.
  • agent is the name of your repository.
  • 0.8 is an image tag. It is not required. The default value is latest.

Combine these fully-independent concepts:

  • is the repository coordinate.
  • acs/agent is the full name of the repository (usually used in API).