The request header of event monitoring interface is defined as follows:

Header Type Description
Authorization String Content: acckeyid: signString
User-Agent String Client descriptions
Content-MD5 String String produced after the request Body undergoes MD5 computation, results in uppercase.  If the request has no Body, you can skip this request header.
Content-Length Value The length of the HTTP Request body defined in RFC 2616. If the request does not have a body part, the request header is not required.
Content-Type String Only support for application/json.
date String  Standard time stamp header of the HTTP request (follows RFC 1123 format and uses the GMT standard time) Mon, 3 Jan 2010 08:33:47 GMT. GMT
Host string The full Host Name of the HTTP request (does not include such as https :// Such an agreement head ). For example,
x-cms-api-version string API version current: 1.0
x-cms-signature string Signature algorithm, current: hmac-sha1.
x-cms-ip String IP of the machine reporting the event,