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Last Updated: Jul 09, 2020

TSDB provides O&M APIs to help you use third-party systems and tools or your own platform to manage your TSDB instance and data.


TSDB provides open APIs to operate and manage TSDB resources. They are mainly used to manage TSDB instances’ life cycles, maintain the TSDB instance information and infrastructure data.

Open API’s target users are those who:

  • have activated the TSDB service, and want console-like O&M operations and the ability to customize the O&M functions.
  • are familiar with the TSDB console, and need to integrate with their own O&M platform.

Use cases and limitations

  • Open APIs are only supported in the public cloud currently. To learn about whether Open APIs are enabled in a region, see the released region information.
  • Decided by the mechanism of Open APIs, the caller must be able to access the public network; otherwise, the call may fail.
  • The underlying layer of open APIs is based on HTTP, with medium performance and efficiency. Therefore, open APIs are only applicable in O&M scenarios. Please do not use them in mass production scenarios with high concurrency.

The mechanism of open APIs

Open APIs provide services through HTTP at the underlying layer. When you call the open APIs’ SDK, an HTTP request is sent to the Alibaba Cloud’s application gateway, which then forwards the request to the TSDB console for execution.