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DNS actions that can be authorized

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2017

In RAM, the following actions can be authorized to a DNS resource.

API Description
AddDomain Add domains
DeleteDomain Delete domains
DescribeDomains Retrieve the list of domains
DescribeDomainInfo Retrieve domain information
DescribeDomainWhoisInfo Retrieve domain Whois information
ModifyHichinaDomainDNS Modify the DNS for AlibabaCloud domains
GetMainDomainName Retrieve the name of the primary domain
DescribeDnsProductInstances Retrieve the list of fee-based Alibaba Cloud DNS products
ChangeDomainOfDnsProduct Change the domains bound to Alibaba Cloud DNS products
RetrievalDomainName Initiate domain retrieval
CheckDomainRecord Check if a DNS record is in effect
AddDomainRecord Add DNS records
DeleteDomainRecord Delete DNS records
UpdateDomainRecord Modify DNS records
SetDomainRecordStatus Set the DNS record status
DescribeDomainRecords Retrieve the list of DNS records
DescribeDomainRecordInfo Retrieve DNS record information
DescribeSubDomainRecords Retrieve the list of sub-domain DNS records
DeleteSubDomainRecords Delete the DNS records corresponding to host records
SetDNSSLBStatus Enable or disable DNS load balancing
DescribeDNSSLBSubDomains Retrieve the list of sub-domains for DNS load balancing
UpdateDNSSLBWeight Modify DNS load balancing weights
ValidateDomainCanAdd Validate if a domain can be added
ScanSubdomainRecords Scan the specified sub-domain DNS records
GetTxtRecordForRetrievalDomainName Generate txt retrieval records
VerifyTxtRecordForRetrievalDomainName Verify txt records
ValidateDomainCanBind Validate if a domain can be bound
DescribeDnsProductInstance Retrieve the details of fee-based Alibaba Cloud DNS products
DescribeDomainNs Retrieve the list of current NS servers of a domain
DescribeSupportLines Query the list of all lines supported by Alibaba Cloud DNS
UpdateDomainRecordRemark Modify DNS notes