This topic describes how to activate the streaming panel service.


Before you activate the streaming panel service, you must perform the following steps to activate ApsaraVideo VOD and ApsaraVideo Live:

  1. ApsaraVideo VOD
    1. Activate ApsaraVideo VOD for uploading video sources to the media library. For more information, see Get started with ApsaraVideo VOD.
    2. Add a domain name to ApsaraVideo VOD and add a canonical name (CNAME) record for the domain name. The domain name specifies the location where uploaded video sources are stored. For more information, see Add a domain name and Configure a CNAME record in Alibaba Cloud DNS.
    Note The streaming panel service supports three types of video sources, which include videos that are stored in the media library of ApsaraVideo VOD. You can use live streams that are associated with your domain names in ApsaraVideo Live and on-demand videos as video sources.
  2. ApsaraVideo Live
    1. Activate ApsaraVideo Live. For more information, see Activate ApsaraVideo Live and purchase resource plans.
    2. Add a domain name to ApsaraVideo Live and add a CNAME record for the domain name. For more information, see Add a domain name and Configure a CNAME record in Alibaba Cloud DNS.
    3. Configure HTTP headers. For more information, see Configure HTTP headers.
    4. Enable HTTPS. For more information, see Enable HTTPS.

Create a streaming panel (pay-as-you-go)

Be default, the streaming panel service is not activated after you activate ApsaraVideo Live. In this case, no streaming panels are created.

  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Production Studios. On the page that appears, click Add Studio Instance. 国际站 开通
  3. In the Create Pay-as-you-go Production Studio Instance dialog box, set the required parameters to create a streaming panel. 创建导播台国际站
    Parameter Description
    Name Enter a name for the streaming panel. Different streaming panels can share the same name.
    Live Center Select the live center to which the streaming panel belongs.
    Note Streaming panels need to use media assets. Therefore, we recommend that you select a live center where media assets are stored.
    Type Select a type for the streaming panel based on your needs:
    • Near VOD Mode: This type of streaming panels applies to carousel playback. You can call the API operation for managing episode playlists to orchestrate on-demand files in an episode list and stream the episode list in live mode.
      • To adapt to more playback modes in addition to carousel playback, create a streaming panel of the studio mode.
      • Streaming panels of the near VOD mode do not allow you to preview produced videos. Videos are pushed when they are produced.
    • Studio Mode: This type of streaming panels applies to all scenarios and allows you to manage resources and components, switch videos, preview videos, and play standby videos. You can import live streams, on-demand videos, images, and text to this type of streaming panels to produce new videos. Then, you can preview the produced videos and decide whether to push the videos for playback.
    Billing Method By default, streaming panels that are created in this way are billed based on the usage duration.
  4. Click Create.

After a streaming panel is created, you must configure the streaming panel. For more information, see Configure a production studio.