The edge streaming function preferentially pushes your video streams to the optimal CDN node to ensure that users can access the best uplink network. Besides, it can minimize such problems as video lagging and slow stream-pulling ratio caused by uplink transmission.


Wide coverage: over 1,500 CDN nodes all over the world, and over 700 nodes in mainland China, covering main stream cities and regions.

Intelligentization: to preferentially access the CDN node nearest users, so as to ensure the transmission stability.

Comparison between edge streaming and center streaming

Edge streaming Center streaming
Explanations Preferentially schedule stream data to the optimal node nearest to user, and transmit the data to Alibaba Cloud’s live center directly and rapidly for content delivery by using Alibaba Cloud’s intelligent scheduling system. Transmit video streams directly to live center for content delivery by using BGP.
Advantage Rich CDN nodes, wide coverage to ensure optimal link transmission. High-quality multi-line BGP room.