Global acceleration function aims to create a high-quality network transmission link between the video capture region and the play source station, so that the video can be transmitted using the shortest, and the optimal link between the video capture region and the play region, to help your business solve the problem of video lagging or high delay.


Low-cost access: Access in a highly flexible way, and no development and server purchase costs are needed, the function is enabled when the configuration is completed.

High speed and stability: access and distribution from the nearest edge node, global nodes are connected by high-speed dedicated line.

Global coverage: mainstream regions such as Europe and America are covered.

Flexible sale: the service is billed with day as the time granularity, which supports the configuration of dedicated lines at stream level, to meet different user needs.

Comparison between public network transmission with global acceleration

Functions Public network High-quality network transmission link
Communication quality and availability The quality of long-distance public network communication is affected by a variety of factors, therefore, the delay stability and packet loss rate are difficult to guarantee. Alibaba Cloud's high-quality infrastructure delivers enhanced link quality and availability.
Cost On-demand payment of public network transmission fees No hardware cost required. Flexible billing methods and affordable prices.