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Build a WordPress website

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017

This document describes how to create a WordPress website by using an image available on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. The image contains both an operating system and all applications required to start your WordPress website, including CentOS, Nginx, MySQL, PHPWind, and phpMyAdmin.

WordPress is a popular personal blog and website builder. Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) makes publishing a WordPress site simple and straightforward. You can build a WordPress by creating an ECS instance and performing a few simple configurations.

As your business develops and your website attracts more visitors, you can scale your service capacity, both vertically and horizontally, by combining other Alibaba Cloud products. For example:

  • Adding ECS instances and using Server Load Balancer to more evenly process your workload.
  • Using Auto Scaling to automatically add or remove instances according to traffic conditions.
  • Using Object Storage Service (OSS) to store static web pages, massive pictures, and videos.

Software and versions

The applications in the image include:

  • Nginx 1.10.1: high-performance web server software
  • MySQL 5.7.13: a relational database management system
  • PHP 5.4.45: a popular server-side scripting language
  • phpMyAdmin a web GUI for the administration of MySQL
  • OpenSSH-server 6.6: a secure remote console for server management
  • OpenSSH-sftp-server 6.6: a secure FTP for file uploading
  • WordPress 4.5.3: a content management system for building websites

Note: The versions listed are included as of the publishing date of this document. Your versions may be different.

Install the WordPress image

  1. Log on to the ECS console.

  2. Go to Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

  3. Click LEMP on CentOS7.2 64bits.

  4. Click Choose Your Plan.

    Choose your plan

  5. Choose initial configuration mode.

    If you want to configure only essential parameters of the instance and use the default settings for others, click Quick Buy. If you want to configure all parameters, click Advanced Buy. In this document we use Quick Buy as an example.

    Choose initial configuration mode

  6. Choose an image version.

    Select an image

  7. Choose a region. For more information about these parameters, see Create an instance running Linux.

    Select a region

  8. Choose an ECS instance type.

    After choosing a type, you can see the corresponding details.

    Select an instance type

  9. Choose a network type.

    Network Type varies for different ECS features, but both of these network access services are BGP lines.

    Select a network type

  10. Choose the network performance.

  11. Choose a purchasing plan: Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go.

  12. Click Agree Terms and Buy Now to buy the instance.

  13. Wait several minutes for the image to install.

    When the image is installed, the following message appears:

    Install image

  14. Log on to the ECS console, locate the instance you bought, and note down the public IP address. You must change the password and then restart the instance.

  15. Enter the public IP address in the browser, for example, are redirected to install WordPress.

  16. Choose a language, and then click Continue.

    Select a language

  17. Enter the following configurations for WordPress:

    • Site title: Specify the title of your website.
    • User name: Specify your user name for WordPress.
    • Password: Specify your password for WordPress.
    • Your Email: Specify your email address.

    Configure WordPress

  18. Click Install WordPress.

    When installation is finished, the following page appears. Click Log In.

    Install WordPress

  19. Enter the configured user name and password to log on to WordPress.

    Log on to WordPress

You can now customize your website on the WordPress Dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your WordPress site on Alibaba Cloud! You can now start designing and using your site.

For more instructions on how to use WordPress, go to https://wordpress.org.

ICP Filing

If your website is hosted in mainland China, you must complete ICP filing before users can access your website. For more information on ICP filing, see the ICP Filing Guide.

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