1. Log on to the DataV console, and select Data Sources > Add Source.
  2. Select Oracle from the Type drop-down list.
  3. Enter the database information.

    • Name: Displays the name of the data source.
    • Host: The URL of your database. This cannot be the URL of your official website or your local IP. It must be a URL that the DataV server can use to access your database through the Internet or intranet from the Alibaba Cloud data center.
    • Username: The username that you use to log on to your database.
    • Password: The password that you use to authenticate your database account.
    • Port: The IP address port number of your database.
    • Service Name: The service name of the currently selected database.

    If all the parameters are configured, the system will test the data source connection automatically.

  4. Click OK when the connection is verified.

    When a data source is added, it will be displayed in the data source list.