This topic describes the concept of a sandbox and the related features and solutions for domains in the sandbox.

What is a sandbox?

Alibaba Cloud CDN is a public content acceleration service that hosts thousands of accelerated domains. If your accelerated domain is under attack, CDN automatically adds the attacked domain to the sandbox. This ensures that the CDN acceleration service of other users are not adversely affected. If the attack is severe, other accelerated domains under the same account are also added to the sandbox. An accelerated domain in the sandbox can still be accelerated by CDN, but service quality may be compromised.

How do I check whether my domain is added to the sandbox?

After your domain is added to the sandbox, the system automatically sends an SMS notification. You can also log on to the CDN console and check the domain status to verify that the domain is added to the sandbox, as shown in the following figure.

Can a domain be restored after it is added to the sandbox?

No, it cannot be restored. This helps to ensure that the acceleration service of other users' domains can work correctly.

How do I reduce the negative impact on my domain after it is attacked and added to the sandbox?

By default, Alibaba Cloud CDN does not provide protection against network attacks. After an accelerated domain is added to the sandbox, the acceleration service is not guaranteed and the domain cannot be restored. You can purchase Secure Content Delivery Network or Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro to meet your security requirements.
  • Alibaba Cloud CDN reserves the right to disable the acceleration service for domains that are frequently attacked and for domains that are attacked because of violations of CDN use limits. If your domain is under attack because it has failed to comply with CDN use limits, Alibaba Cloud CDN does not bear any responsibility and all fees incurred are borne by you.
  • If you use a domain that is not filed and its acceleration region is outside mainland China, the domain becomes inaccessible after it is added to the sandbox.