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View recording playback address

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018

Directly obtain playback information

  1. Log on to the AppsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Select the expected Region.

  3. Select the expected domain name and click Detail at the right side.


  4. In Base Information > Play Information, obtain the Playback Information.


    Note: The authentication is set at the domain name level. If the authentication status is Opened, all the streaming addresses under the domain name must perform authentication operation. Meanwhile, the playback address corresponding to the streaming URL must complete authentication operation. Use the authenticated adderss for playback operation.

Preview at the webpage background

  1. Use OBS for streaming by adopting an authenticated URL, and go to the ApsaraVideo Live console > Streams.

  2. Select the expected region.

  3. Select the expected domain name.

  4. Select the expected stream status.

  5. Select the expected streaming address, and click Address at the right side to view the playback address and preview the video.



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