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Map widget style

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The following example uses a 3D Flat map.

Click the Flat Map with 3D Effects widget. The Style and Data tabs appear on the right side of the page.


Child management

In map widgets, the configuration pane displays the Add a Child Component button (outlined in red in the following figure).


The child widget list is directly above Add a Child Component button, and shows all the child widgets included in the current map widget. You can click Delete on the right side of a child widget to delete the child widget.

When a child widget is added, it is immediately positioned at the bottom of the child widget list. The lower a child widget is arranged on the list, the closer its layer is to the front of the canvas.

Sub-component configuration

Click a child widget to configure the child widget using the Style and Data tabs. You can also click Back to return to Global Options or the child widget list

Global options

You can adjust the map size and placement, and determine whether you need the interaction feature in Global Options.

Sub-component configuration

  • Zoom Level

    Drag the slider or enter a number to resize the map.

  • Map Center

    This function is to determine the display position of the map by setting longitude and latitude.

    You can drag the slider or enter a number to adjust the map position.

  • Interactive

    Deselect the check box to disable the map interaction function.

Widget size and position

Click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign, or enter a number to adjust the size and position of the widget.