Visualization projects, applications, and dashboards

The presentation of data generated by DataV in dashboards is known as a visualization project. It is also called as a visualization application or a large screen project. DataV is a tool that converts data into various charts and maps in order to present data to users dynamically and in real time.

Data sources

When you create a large screen project with DataV, you must specify the source of the original data. Data sources used with DataV can include the following:
  • Database
  • Static data
  • API
  • Others

For more information about adding a data source, see Add a Data Source.


A canvas is also called an interface editor and is the main functional area of DataV. You can adjust settings like layouts and colors for a project, bind data sources with charts, and publish various applications in a canvas.

For more information about canvas functions, see Canvas Operations.


The toolbar is placed at the top of the canvas where you can select widgets, preview, publish, and search for help.


Widgets can be added to a canvas from the widget menu in the toolbar.

Widgets supported by DataV include the following:

  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Media
  • Text
  • Networks
  • Material
  • Interact
  • More widgets