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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019

Data-driven operations is an important set of functions within EDAS. The most important data-driven operations function is distributed link analysis.

Distributed link analysis analyzes every service distributed system call, all sent and received troubleshooting messages of interest, and all database access to help you precisely identify system bottlenecks and risks.

Data-driven operations provide these functions:

  • Trace query

    By setting query conditions, you can accurately find businesses with poor performance or exceptions.

  • Trace details

    Based on the trace query results, you can view detailed information for slow or erroneous businesses and reorganize their dependencies. This information allows you to identify frequent failures, performance bottlenecks, strong dependencies, and other problems. You can also evaluate business capacities based on link call ratios and peak QPS.

  • Service topology

    The topology intuitively presents the calling between services and relevant performance data.

  • Service query

    You can view the HSF, Spring Cloud and Service Mesh services in the specific region and namespace.

  • Service statistics

    Service statistics shows the Total Calls in the Last 24 Hours, Average RT(ms) in the Last 24 Hours and Total Errors in the Last 24 Hours of current services in the specific region.