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Step 4: Perform data import task

Last Updated: May 04, 2018

After following the preceding operations, you have succeeded to Configure a data synchronization task. This tutorial explains how to perform the data synchronization task to import the data in RDS to MaxCompute.


  1. Go to the O&M Center > Task Management page.

  2. Open the house_basic_info task, right-click the task name in the task view, and select Test Node.

  3. As instructed on the page, click Confirm and Run.

  4. After the successful running of the task, go to the DataWorks > Data Development page, and create a script file.

  5. Run select statement to see if the house_basic_info data is synchronized successfully.

What to do next

Now you have learned how to run the data synchronization task, and verify if the synchronization is successful. Continue to the next tutorial that explains how to process data using MaxCompute SQL and MR. For more information, see Statistical analysis on data.