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SSH key pairs

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Create a key pair

You need a key pair when using the local SSH client to log on the server.

Key pair management requires a server restart on console to become active.

  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console , and select Server O&M > Connect > Key pair > Create key pair.

  2. Enter a name, for Creation Type, select Generate key pair automatically, click OK.

    ee94cc7e488e92b5.png | center

  3. Click Save on the Prompt dialog box, to download the key to a local directory.

    62b247a7294f843f.png | center


Steps for replacing are basically the same as that for creating a key pair. The difference is to select Import existing key pair for Creation Type. See Create a key pair.

Import a key pair

The “Import key pair” function supports importing a local key pair of the user, and supports the management of multiple servers by using the same key pair.

Log on to the Simple Application Server console, and select Server O&M > Remote Connection > Key Management, then enter the key name, for Creation Type, select Import existing key pair, enter the existing key pair, click OK.