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Enable HTTPS

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2020


  • The image that provides Alibaba Cloud extended service will be required.
  • You have applied for the SSL certificate (free or charged certificate applied for at Alibaba Cloud or any other service providers) for the corresponding domain name. For description of the Alibaba Cloud Certificates Service, see this. For procedures to apply for/purchase a certificate, see Select and purchase certificates.
  • You have completed file recording for your domain name.
  • The domain name has been bound to the server list.

Enable HTTPS encrypted access

Click Enable HTTPS encrypted access next to the domain name. If you have already applied for or uploaded a certificate, select the certificate of the corresponding domain name as prompted, and then select Enable.

Note: You must select the certificate of the corresponding domain name. The system will not verify if the certificate matches with the domain name.

If your domain name has been resolved, and the website supports full-site HTTPS, you can access the site by using https:// your domain name. The browser will display a green lock hint.

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