Describes one or more of your classic network-connected instances that have established ClassicLink with a VPC.


When you call this interface, consider the following:

  • Only applicable to the classic network-connected instances.

  • You can query at most 100 instances each time.

  • Either the parameter VpcId or InstanceId must be specified.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes The name of this interface. Value: DescribeClassicLinkInstances.
RegionId String Yes The region ID of the instance. You can call DescribeRegions to obtain the latest region list.
InstanceId String No The instance ID. It must be classic network-connected instances that are linked to a VPC by using ClassicLink. At most 100 instance IDs can be specified. IDs are separated by commas (,). Sample: InstanceId=i-XXX, i-XXX, i-XXX, i-XXX, ....
VpcId String No VPC ID. The  ClassicLink service must be enabled for the specified VPC.
PageNumber Integer No Displays the information of the classic network-connected instances on several pages. Start value: 1.

Default value: 1.

PageSize Integer No The number of the classic network-connected instances on each page. Value range: [1, 100].

Default value: 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
TotalCount Integer Total number of ClassicLinks
PageNumber Integer Page number of the connection list
PageSize Integer Number of lines per page set during input
Links Link An information set consists of VPC ID and classic network-connected instance ID.


Request example
&InstanceId=i-test, i-test1
&<Common Request Parameters>
Response example

XML format

JSON format

           "InstanceId": "i-test1",
           "VpcId": "vpc-test"

Error codes

Error codes specific to this interface are as follows. For more information, see API Error Center.

Error code Error message HTTP status code Meaning
InvalidRegionId.Malformed The specified RegionId is invalid. 400 The specified RegionId does not exist. Or you are unauthorized to access the specified region.
InvalidInstanceId.NotBelong The user does not own the specified instance. 403 The specified instance does not belong to you.
InvalidParameter.InvalidInstanceIdAndVpcId Either InstanceId or VpcId must be specified. 403 Either InstanceId or VpcId must be specified.
InvalidParameter.ToManyInstanceIds The maximum number of specified InstanceIds is exceeded. 403 The number of InstanceId must be less than 100.
InvalidVpc.NotBelong The user do not own the specified VPC. 403 The specified VPC does not belong to you.
InvalidInstanceId.NotFound The specified InstanceId does not exist. 404 The specified InstanceId does not exist.