In the ApsaraDB for HBase console, you can scale out the nodes of a cluster or expand the storage space of the cluster

To add a node to a cluster, you must ensure that the new node and existing nodes are the same. They must be of the same specification and use the same type of disks. An ApsaraDB for HBase cluster can contain up to 100 nodes. You can add up to 5 nodes to a cluster at a time. If you want to increase the limit, submit a ticket.

When you add more nodes to a cluster, you also add more disks to the cluster. This is equivalent to expanding your storage space.

Adding a node to a cluster does not pose any negative impacts on the cluster.

Expand storage space

You can directly expand the storage space of the disks used by a cluster. 50 GB is the minimum size for each time you expand the storage space. Each disk can be expanded to up to 2,000 GB.

After you expand the storage space, a rolling restart is launched for the RegionServers and DataNodes. This only has minor impacts on the cluster.