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Last Updated: May 09, 2018


Bills are the core data of e-commerce companies and the outcome of a series of marketing and promotional activities. This data contains a lot of valuable information, based on which you can define the user profiles, providing guidelines for future marketing plans. Billing data can also serve as a popularity indicator, providing suggestions for subsequent stocking options.

Billing information are stored as logs in Alibaba Cloud Log Service. Log Service guarantees high-speed queries and SQL statistics, with a computing capability of hundreds of millions of log entries per second. This document explains to mine useful information.

A complete bill containing goods information (the name and price), deal information (final price, payment method, and discount information), and the buyer’s information (membership information) is shown as follows:

  1. __source__: __topic__: bonus_discount: category: men's clothing commodity: ***************** commodity_id: 443 discount: member_discount: member_level: nomember_point: memberid: mobile: pay_transaction_id: 060f0e0d080e0b05060307010c0f0209010e0e010c0a0605000606050b0c0400 pay_with: alipay real_price: 52.0 suggest_price: 52.0

Statistical analysis

  1. Determine the hot categories.

    1. *|select count(1) as pv ,category group by category limit 100
  2. Determine the hot women’s clothing categories.

    1. category: women's clothing/ladies’ collection | select count(1) as deals , commodity
    2. group by commodity order by deals desc limit 20
  3. Share and turnover: Alipay versus WeChat.

    1. * | select count(1) as deals , pay_with group by pay_with order by deals desc limit 20
    2. * | select sum(real_price) as total_money , pay_with
    3. group by pay_with order by total_money desc limit 20

    image.png image.png