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Peak bandwidth limit

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2019

The following table summarizes the peak bandwidth limit of Server Load Balance for each region.

Note: The intranet peak bandwidth limit for all regions is 5 GB.

RegionBandwidth peak
China North 1(Qingdao) 5 GB
China East 1(Hangzhou) 5 GB
China North 2(Beijing) 5 GB
China East 2(Shanghai) 5 GB
China South 1(Shenzhen) 5 GB
China North 5 (Huhehaote) 5 GB
Hong Kong 2 GB
US East 1(Virginia) 1 GB
US West 1 (Silicon Valley) 2 GB
Asia Pacific NE 1(Japan) 1 GB
Singapore 5 GB
Asia Pacific NE 2(Sydney) 1 GB
Middle East 1(Dubai) 500 M
Germany 1(Frankfurt) 1 GB
Asia Pacific SE 3 (Kuala Lumpur) 5 GB
Asia Pacific SOU 1 (Mumbai) 5 GB