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How to migrate the service from the original Anti-DDoS Pro instance to a new one?

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2018

This article describes the procedure to migrate your service to a new instance without experiencing any service interruption. This generally happens when your original Anti-DDoS Pro instance expires and you have a new Anti-DDoS Pro instance.


Follow these steps to seamlessly switch your business between Anti-DDoS Pro instances without interrupting the website service.

  1. Log on to the Anti-DDoS Pro console.

  2. Go to Access > Web Service.

  3. Locate the target domain name, and click Origin Edit under Domain Info of the target domain name.

  4. Click Edit IP in the Operation column.

  5. In the Edit IP dialog box, select the Instance and Anti-DDoS IP to enable for the target domain name. You can click the corresponding ON button to apply the current domain name configuration to that IP.

  6. Click OK. When the domain name configuration is effective, both the original and the new Anti-DDoS Pro instances become available.

  7. Disable the Anti-DDoS IP of the original Anti-DDoS Pro instance on the Origin Edit page, and then remove that Anti-DDoS IP in the Edit IP dialog box by clicking the corresponding OFF button.

You have successfully switched your business from the original instance to the new instance.

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