If you want to manage Content Delivery Network (CDN) domains by group, you can create a Resource Access Management (RAM) user for each group to isolate and manage resources among different departments. This topic describes how to create a RAM user for CDN and authorize the RAM user to access the corresponding resource group.


  1. Create a RAM user for CDN.
    For more information, see Create a RAM user.
  2. (Optional) Customize the CDN permissions for the RAM user.
    If the default CDN permissions AliyunCDNFullAccess and AliyunCDNReadOnlyAccess are not sufficient for your RAM user, you can add CDN permissions to the RAM user. For more information, see Manage CDN permissions by using RAM.
  3. Use the RAM user to log on to the CDN console.

    Logon URL: http://signin.aliyun.com/Custom domain.onaliyun.com/login.htm.

    After you log on to the CDN console, you can display all resource groups that are available to your RAM user. CDN domains are listed by resource group.

    You can use the RAM user to perform the same operations in CDN as you use your Alibaba Cloud account, except that the RAM user does not support the content moderation feature. For more information, see Domain Management and Service Management.