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Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018

This article helps you to get started with Simple Application Server.

Purchase (create an instance)

Take WordPress as an example.

  1. Log on to Alibaba Cloud official website, open the Simple Application Server purchase page. Choose the image, region, subscription, and duration as prompted, and then click Purchase.

    4f0f98f82c8d8f7b.png | center

  2. Check the order information on the Confirm Order page. After confirming the order, click Pay.

    b7a965822c1efb06.png | center

  3. After making the payment, click Go to Console.

Obtain application information

  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console, find the server you have purchased on the Servers, and click Details.

    a013897ef1e465d7.png | center

  2. Click Application on the left side, click to enter the App Details page, and view the WordPress initial installation information.

  3. Obtain the administrator user name and password.
    Based on the application information we saw in the previous step, we need to obtain the administrator user name and password of the WordPress that has been installed.

  4. On the App Details page, copy the command under the administrator password, and click Connect.

  5. View the administrator password in the popped out Remote Connection window.
    Enter the command copied in the previous step by right-clicking, select paste on the context menu, and then press the Return key to obtain the administrator password.

  6. Copy the administrator account and password.
    e708b73731223bf5.png | center

  7. Open the administrator logon page of the application. The admin portal address of WordPress is usually http://ip address/wp-login.php.
    ca232fe0d91ccfa7.png | center

  8. Enter the account admin, and paste the password copied in the previous step, and then click Log In.

  9. You will be able to configure WordPress based on your needs after logging in.
    ac1eb503c360500a.png | center
    For convenience of operations in the future, you can update your personal information by taking the following steps:

  10. Click Edit under admin.

  11. Go to the User page, and click Generate Password in the Account Management section, Enter your Email address and then enter the password as prompted.

Domain Name Resolution

  1. Back to Simple Application Server console, click the corresponding instance, go to the navigation bar on the left side, and choose Site Setup > Domain Name > Add Domain Name. If you already have a domain name registered on Alibaba Cloud or a domain name managed by Alibaba Cloud DNS, you can directly resolve the domain name.

Test access

After completion of the resolution, go to the WordPress admin portal, and choose Settings > Regular, to modify the WordPress address and the website address as http:// the bound domain name, and then use the domain name to test the access to the application.

Note: Ensure the bound domain name has been successfully resolved before the modification, or you will not be able to log on to the admin portal.