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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2018

You can use Simple Application Server to build a virtual private server, or to start and manage your application.


Ease of use

  • One-click start of servers and applications

  • All-in-one application management

  • Integration with plenty of Alibaba Cloud products


  • High performance: the whole product line uses SSD storage and ECS shared instances to meet high performance requirements.

  • Low price: purchase of the whole package of products you need saves your cost than buying products one by one.

Compare with ECS and general VPS

Features Simple Application Server ECS General VPS
Popular Apps, system mirrors Supported Supported Not supported
  Remote server logon   Supported   Supported   Supported  
Enabling/Disabling/Monitoring server Supported Supported Supported
Firewall Supported Supported Supported
Snapshot backup and recovery Supported Supported Supported
Domain name, DNS management Supported Not supported Not supported
Server and App management Supported Not supported Not supported
One-click Web SSH remote logon Supported Not supported Not supported
Integration with Alibaba Cloud products Supported Not supported Not supported