Simple Application Server is a next-generation computing service designed for single-server scenarios. Simple Application Server provides an all-in-one solution to deploy and manage applications, configure domain name resolution, and build, monitor, and maintain websites. This optimizes the user experience of setting up a simple application and makes it easier for entry-level users to use cloud computing services.


The following figure shows the service architecture. You can build development environments and websites by using application or system images and other Alibaba Cloud services. 12

Subscription plans

You can purchase Simple Application Server plans only by using the subscription billing method. A subscription plan includes the following resources:
  • Commonly used application images and system images that are provided by Alibaba Cloud.
  • Cloud server computing resources, which include standard SSD-based storage and network resources.
  • Basic features of other Alibaba Cloud services such as Alibaba Cloud DNS (DNS) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Simple Application Server supports application images and system images.
  • Application images contain applications and their initialization data, runtime environments, and operating systems of the applications.
  • System images contain only initial operating systems and do not contain application data or environment configurations.

Application images and system images offer the following benefits:

  • Application images: out-of-the-box. After you install an application image, you can view the initial configurations of an application and perform simple configurations. Then, you can use the application. This way, you do not need to upload or install applications.
  • System images: highly flexible. A system image is similar to a pure initial operating system. You can install applications to meet your business needs. If you are familiar with the configurations of operating systems and application environments, we recommend that you select system images.

Application servers

Application servers are suitable for low-load applications such as small web applications and lightweight applications. You may require other instance types that have high CPU power to handle high-load tasks such as deploying large applications and encoding videos. In this case, we recommend that you use Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. For more information, see Instance families.


To improve performance, Simple Application Server uses standard SSDs as block devices.

When you purchase a plan, you can view the disk type that is used in the plan. For more information about the performance of standard SSDs, see EBS performance.


The network type of application servers is VPC. For more information, see What is a VPC?.

  • Internet: By default, each application server is assigned a public IP address and configured with a fixed bandwidth for Internet access.
    • Each application server can be assigned only a single public IP address that cannot be modified.
    • Public IP addresses used within VPCs are network address translation (NAT) IP addresses and cannot be queried by using commands in application servers.
  • Internal network: By default, multiple application servers that belong to an account within the same region are deployed within the same VPC. Multiple application servers can be interconnected by using an internal network. More than 10 Gbit/s of bandwidth is shared among application servers in an internal network. Therefore, bandwidth stability cannot be ensured for communication over internal networks.

Integrated Alibaba Cloud services

Simple Application Server integrates features of multiple Alibaba Cloud services to ease application deployment and management. More services will be integrated in the future. The following services are already integrated:

  • DNS: resolves domain names of application servers to IP addresses.
  • SSL Certificates Service: provides HTTPS encryption for application servers by using specific SSL certificates that you have purchased.
  • VPC: provides the same VPC for multiple application servers that belong to an account within the same region.