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What is Simple Application Server?

Last Updated: Feb 02, 2018

Simple Application Server suits you well if all you need is a private virtual machine. It provides you the all-in-one solution to launch and manage your application, set up domain name resolution, and build, monitor, maintain your website with just a few clicks. It makes private server building much easier, and it is the best way for beginners to get started with cloud computing.

Product Architecture

Architecture diagram

Simple Application Server offers you the subscription approach for pricing.

You pay for the following resources:

  • Images with popular applications pre-installed and system images selected by Alibaba Cloud;

  • Cloud server computing resources, SSD-based storage, and network resources;

  • Integrated with basic features of other Alibaba Cloud products, such as DNS and VPC.


Simple Application Server offers application pre-installed images and system images.

Application pre-installed images

Application pre-installed images include:

  • Application and initialization configuration;

  • Runtime environment;

  • Underlying operating system.

Advantages of application pre-installed images

With the application pre-installed, you do not have to upload and install the application file anymore. After simple steps of initialization configuration, you can put the out-of-the-box application into production use.

System images

The system images only contain the operating system without any application or development environment.

Advantages of system images

System images provide basic environment for you to install applications you need. The system image is perfect for users who are proficient in operating systems and development environment configuration.


Simple Application Server use the ECS I/O-optimized shared instances with CPUs, memory, operating systems, network, disks, and other services necessary to build a server.

For more information about ECS instances, see ECS instance type families.


Simple Application Server uses the Cloud Disk SSD to ensure the high performance.

For more information about Cloud Disk, see Cloud Disk parameters and performance testing methods


Simple Application Server uses Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as the network environment.

Public network

Simple Application Server offers each server a PublicIP (cannot be added manually) with fixed bandwidth.

NOTE: The PublicIP for a VPC is a NAT IP, which cannot be queried through command lines.

Private network

Simple Application Server instances of the same account are deployed in the one VPC by default, so traffic among multiple instances goes within the VPC. The bandwidth is 10 Gbps shared, and the speed may fluctuate.

Integration with other Alibaba Cloud products and services

To help users build and manage their applications on Alibaba Cloud, Simple Application Server integrates with multiple Alibaba Cloud products and services as follows, and there will be more in the near future.

  • Domain name resolution: maps the specified domain name to the IP address of the current server.

  • HTTPS encrypted access (CA Certificate): offers HTTPS encrypted access to a Web service by adding your CA certificate.

  • VPC: Instances of the same account are deployed in one VPC by default.