This data type is used when you call related APIs of the ENI.


Determined by the methods.


Name  Type  Description 
NetworkInterfaceId String ENI ID.
Status String  Status of an ENI.
Type String  Category of an ENI.
VpcId String  VPC ID.
VSwitchId String  ID of the VSwitch that you specify in the VPC.
ZoneId String  ID of the zone.
AssociatedPublicIp AssociatedPublicIp Internet IP of an ENI.
PrivateIpAddress String  Primary private IP of an ENI.
PrivateIpSet PrivateIpSet A data set made up of the information of PrivateIp.
MacAddress String  MAC address of an ENI.
SecurityGroupIds SecurityGroupIdSetType ID of the security group to which that an ENI belongs.
NetworkInterfaceName String  Name of an ENI.
Description  String  Description of an ENI.
InstanceId  String  ID of the ECS instance to which an ENI is attached.
CreationTime  String  The time when you create an ENI. It must comply with the standard of ISO8601, and UTC time is a must. Valid format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ