You can purchase a one vCPU 2 GB ECS instance that runs the Ubuntu system and deploy the instance in a VPC network. You can use this instance as a management client to access the management pages.

The following table lists the endpoints of services in the cluster.

Software Service Endpoint
Hadoop yarn resourcemanager masternode1_private_ip:8088,masternode2_private_ip:8088
jobhistory masternode1_private_ip:19888
timeline server masternode1_private_ip:8188
hdfs masternode1_private_ip:50070,masternode2_private_ip:50070
Spark spark ui masternode1_private_ip:4040
history masternode1_private_ip:18080
Tez tez-ui masternode1_private_ip:8090/tez-ui2
Hue hue masternode1_private_ip:8888
Zeppelin zeppelin masternode1_private_ip:8080
Hbase hbase masternode1_private_ip:16010
Presto presto masternode1_private_ip:9090
Oozie oozie masternode1_private_ip:11000
Ganglia ganglia masternode1_private_ip:8085/ganglia