Auto-renewal for a Subscription instance frees you from regular manual renewals. It also avoids service interruptions caused if the instance expires and is not renewed in time.

If you did not select auto-renewal when you purchased the Subscription instance, you can set it up on the Alibaba Cloud Billing Management console. When the setup is done, the subscription is automatically renewed based on the selected renewal cycle. For example, if you select a three-month renewal cycle, three months of subscription is automatically paid for each renewal. This document explains how to enable auto-renewal for your Subscription instance.


You have logged on to Alibaba Cloud console with your master account.


  • If you select auto-renewal, you are charged three days before the instance expires. Credit cards and coupons are supported for each renewal payment.
  • If you manually renew your instance before the charging date, auto-renewal takes place based on the new expiration date.

  • The auto-renewal function takes effect the next day after it is enabled. If your instance expires on the next day, manually renew it to prevent service interruptions.


  1. Log on to the Billing Management console of Alibaba Cloud.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, select Renewal.
  3. Select ApsaraDB for RDS in the Product drop-down list, and select the region where the target instance is located and its creation date. Alternatively, select the default search range.
  4. Click Search.

  5. In the Auto-renewal column for the target instance, move the slider to the right.
  6. On the open automatic page, set automatic renewal hours.
  7. Click Open automatic.