Quick start process

When purchasing and using Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, as an enterprise-level user, you must finish the following operations:

Target readers

The Quick Start is a reference for anyone who wants to know how to:

  • Select configurations for ECS instances.
  • Estimate costs of a large-sized instance and specific configuration.
  • Perform network planning for a specific solution.
  • Configure the security group information for each instance.
  • Select and develop better snapshot policies.
  • Complete image migration.

Locate resources

Procedure Interface Parameter Target data
1. Query regions. DescribeRegions N/A Region ID (RegionId)
2. Query zones. DescribeZones Region ID Zone ID (ZoneId)
3. Determine the billing method. DescribeZones Billing method/Bidding policy ZoneType
4. Query resource combinations. DescribeZones RegionId/Billing method ZoneType

This document is applicable only to operations performed in the console. If you are an API user, see API references.